Eaton’s center and the Streets

Toronto’s Eaton Center can get a little crazy during the holidays. This year (Christmas 2015) they set up a number of reindeer type creatures. Around two stories high. They dwarf the shoppers and create a sort of surreal atmosphere that’s a little mad. Makes some great pictures! But go judge for yourself.

I also got a chance to snap a couple random shots around the city. Hustle & Bustle.



Save our Scruff Calendar Outtakes

So some of those adorable little puppies didn’t quite make the calendar, so I thought that I would share them with you.

Many of the lovely pups who were kind enough to pose for our Brightlane calendar had more than a couple great shots.

Take some time to go through the gallery.

Dogfest at King West!

Brightlane is celebrating their dog friendly co-working space by hosting a doggie social of the christmas variety. It’s always tough getting a little face to face with the big man himself.

All proceeds went out to “Save Our Scruff”.

Philippines Life

Thought I’d share some shots with you.