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DRVEN: Pitch Video

Meet David.

He’s got a great little device that connects you with your car. Today we worked together to create a simple pitch video to wow prospective business partners and clients.

DRVEN is a suite of intelligent and easy-to-use tools and services that digitally links drivers to today’s vehicles via smartphone.

DRVEN’s automotive services platform is designed to make you a better driver and save you money on maintenance costs. It will enable you to reduce your fuel consumption, lower your insurance rates, and improve your overall driving experience – while reducing your environmental impact and extending the life of your vehicle.

Learn more about DRVEN by visiting http://www.DRVN.co

I Smile Back – Promo PANEL

I Smile Back directed by Adam Salky, written by Amy Koppleman, with screen writer Paige Dylan come to speak with audiences at a panel discussion after the Toronto International Film Festival premiere. Brought to you by Healthy Minds Canada.

They get down to the heart of what the movie is about and answer questions like why did writer Amy Koppleman hunt down Sarah Silverman for the lead role, and gets into some  of the deeper questions regarding mental image and if this movie has a message, if any.

Find the full panel video on “Healthy Minds Canada” youTUBE page. (Also filmed by yours truly).