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Brightlane Anniversary

Today Brightlane celebrates it’s first year in Toronto.
So there must be cake!

Brightlane is a co-operative work space where young business have a chance to grow, collaborate and receive a bit of mentorship. I myself am a pleased member and I can only hope that more and more people catch on.

So come in for a tour!

I Smile Back – Promo PANEL

I Smile Back directed by Adam Salky, written by Amy Koppleman, with screen writer Paige Dylan come to speak with audiences at a panel discussion after the Toronto International Film Festival premiere. Brought to you by Healthy Minds Canada.

They get down to the heart of what the movie is about and answer questions like why did writer Amy Koppleman hunt down Sarah Silverman for the lead role, and gets into some  of the deeper questions regarding mental image and if this movie has a message, if any.

Find the full panel video on “Healthy Minds Canada” youTUBE page. (Also filmed by yours truly).

Colo(u)r Me Rad

Color Me Rad is a 5k fun run.

It’s a great way to stay fit, have fun and reinforce your running schedule. Runners will be the first to admit that participating in any kind of race is an important way to keep your motivation up. Especially if you consider yourself a competitor.

No pressure though, if you don’t want to run you can walk, and if you don’t want to walk… well you can sit in a wagon and get your parents to pull you along.

Costumes encouraged.