Brightlane Entrepreneur Awards 2016

Brightlane is this incredible place that a few lucky entrepreneurs call home. It’s a place that boasts of connections, collaborations and innovations. It’s a place where you can rent out desk, office and meeting spaces for your company. Whether you’re by yourself, or if you’re 15 strong.

They’ve hosted the second annual Brightlane Entrepreneur Awards, and Lantern Film was there to catch it all.

10 entrepreneurs were chosen on November 28th, 2015 to receive a 6-month Membership to BrightLane and the opportunity to compete for the $25,000 grand prize. Follow BrightLane’s social feeds to stay informed about video releases and other entrepreneurial opportunities! “

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Eaton’s center and the Streets

Toronto’s Eaton Center can get a little crazy during the holidays. This year (Christmas 2015) they set up a number of reindeer type creatures. Around two stories high. They dwarf the shoppers and create a sort of surreal atmosphere that’s a little mad. Makes some great pictures! But go judge for yourself.

I also got a chance to snap a couple random shots around the city. Hustle & Bustle.



DRVEN: Pitch Video

Meet David.

He’s got a great little device that connects you with your car. Today we worked together to create a simple pitch video to wow prospective business partners and clients.

DRVEN is a suite of intelligent and easy-to-use tools and services that digitally links drivers to today’s vehicles via smartphone.

DRVEN’s automotive services platform is designed to make you a better driver and save you money on maintenance costs. It will enable you to reduce your fuel consumption, lower your insurance rates, and improve your overall driving experience – while reducing your environmental impact and extending the life of your vehicle.

Learn more about DRVEN by visiting

Save our Scruff Calendar Outtakes

So some of those adorable little puppies didn’t quite make the calendar, so I thought that I would share them with you.

Many of the lovely pups who were kind enough to pose for our Brightlane calendar had more than a couple great shots.

Take some time to go through the gallery.

Dogfest at King West!

Brightlane is celebrating their dog friendly co-working space by hosting a doggie social of the christmas variety. It’s always tough getting a little face to face with the big man himself.

All proceeds went out to “Save Our Scruff”.

Philippine Orphanage

So I can’t show you pictures of babies. I know you were looking for cute pictures of babies, but in the Philippines they have a baby snatching problem. So I wasn’t allowed to take portraits of the orphans for fear that I might go back and encourage potential kidnappers. It’s understandable.

What I can show you is little snippets of life as you might imagine what it might be like to grow up in a place like this. Some of these orphanages are self run and often times depend on donations.

So please do, if you’re interested in making donations send me an email and I will point you in the right direction.

Brightlane Anniversary

Today Brightlane celebrates it’s first year in Toronto.
So there must be cake!

Brightlane is a co-operative work space where young business have a chance to grow, collaborate and receive a bit of mentorship. I myself am a pleased member and I can only hope that more and more people catch on.

So come in for a tour!

I Smile Back – Promo PANEL

I Smile Back directed by Adam Salky, written by Amy Koppleman, with screen writer Paige Dylan come to speak with audiences at a panel discussion after the Toronto International Film Festival premiere. Brought to you by Healthy Minds Canada.

They get down to the heart of what the movie is about and answer questions like why did writer Amy Koppleman hunt down Sarah Silverman for the lead role, and gets into some  of the deeper questions regarding mental image and if this movie has a message, if any.

Find the full panel video on “Healthy Minds Canada” youTUBE page. (Also filmed by yours truly).

Philippines Life

Thought I’d share some shots with you.